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       WRITING, OFFICE                       IT, ELECTRONICS                        BAGS, TRAVELLING

        notepads, plastic writing instruments,   power banks, USB flash drives, PC accessories,  shopping bags, document and laptop bags,
        metal writing instruments, gift sets, pen cases,  calculators, table clocks, weather stations,   backpacks, travel bags, cosmetic bags,
         pencils, crayons, office accessories,   wall clocks                         travel accessories, lanyards, buttons
         business card holders, portfolios
        1–53                                                                          66–98

        UMBRELLAS                             FASHION,                               MUGS, KITCHEN,
                                              BEAUTY & HEALTH                        WINE, LIGHTERS
        folding umbrellas, umbrellas, rain coats
                                                                                      ceramic mugs, ceramic cups, glasses, glass mugs,
                                              fashion accessories, wallets, manicure sets,
                                               nail files, mirrors, towels, first aid kits  ceramic pots, tea sets, kitchen knives,
                                                                                      kitchenware, bottle openers,
                                                                                      wine sets and accessories, lighters,
        99–112                                                                         candle sets

       OUTDOOR, SPORT, CAR                    KEY RINGS, TOOLS                        CALENDARS
                                                                                      wall calendars, calendar covers
        stainless steel mugs, thermo mugs,    key rings, tape measures, torches,
        vacuum flasks, flasks, compasses, binoculars,  pocket knives, tools
        picnic items, beach, sport, caps, golf, bicycling,
         reflective items, car accessories, games
                                              198 –223

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